An apple a day keeps the scammer away! A new scheme has been on the loose, so don’t fall for it.

Cybercriminals are posing as IRS agents confusing unsuspecting people and threatening that they have unpaid taxes. These criminals tell victims that they face late penalties and will be persecuted unless they comply. What makes this fraud different is the scammers aren’t looking for immediate cash. Instead, they tell the people the only payment the “IRS” will take is Apple iTunes gift cards.

These scammers must love music because the IRS doesn’t accept Apple credit. If people fall for this suspicious request, the scammers are stealing gift cards and leaving the victims a few songs short.

What can we learn from this identity theft scheme? Be wary if someone contacts you and demands payment immediately, especially with gift cards. You could be dealing with criminals.

When people falsify their identity, it’s fraud! Stay safe by protecting your personal information and remaining cautious of any requests you receive, both at work and at home. And don’t give away an iTunes gift card, unless it’s a gift! 

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