The cost to tie the knot just seems like it never stops growing. Getting married is just one of many financial milestones in your lifetime. So, as much as you want to blow an excessive amount on your fairytale wedding, there are many ways to cut the price here and there, and save for future events, too.

Set a budget and stick to it like the rest of your life depends on it. You and your spouse should actually sit down and discuss numbers, calculate how much you can afford to spend, and take a number of things into consideration.

What do you want for the future?

Be sure to consider the fact that you have other costs that may come up after you say I do. Maybe you want to purchase a home, have a child, buy a car, etc. Be sure you’re both on the same page about your priorities, then discuss the ultimate number you won’t surpass and stick to it.

Grandma’s happy to help

If you have family members that are willing to contribute to the wedding pool, figure out where that money will be best spent. Don’t just throw it into the cost of your dream honeymoon location; really consider what needs to be paid upfront or further down the line so you know the best use for the funds.

Make a list and check it twice

Agree on what priorities you have for the big day. This will help you to allocate your budget. If having personalized ribbons to tie your party favors isn’t a big deal, then cut it. Or, maybe cut the favors all together.

Trim down your guest list

This one can be hard, but every plate counts! Cutting out a few people can actually save you hundreds especially with the cost of food and drinks.

Book it in the off-season

June and September are peak months for weddings, so work around that. Winter months are typically the cheapest and venues may even be willing to negotiate prices since business is slow. Look into this further before you set a date in stone.

DIY, anyone?

Can you make those centerpieces yourself? Then do! Do you know someone with great handwriting that can address those envelopes? It’s going to be cheaper than a calligrapher. Any opportunity to do something off the beaten path, and cheaper, take advantage. It’s all about putting your unique stamp on the day and saving where you can.

Nowadays weddings are less traditional. You don’t necessarily have to invite hundreds of people, have a giant cake, or wear a Cinderella dress. It’s important to remember that there’s life after the wedding and more expenses ahead. So, try to create the wedding you want at the price you’re willing to pay. Then, live happily ever after!

If you’re preparing for a wedding—congrats!—consider opening a separate savings account to help keep yourself on track. Wintrust offers several savings options, including Passbook Savings, Statement Savings, and a money market account.