Growing up in Argentina, Maria Soledad Zitzewitz remembers good banks having a strong presence in their communities. It was that type of commitment and service Soledad was looking for in a bank when she started Soledad Zitzwitz Interiors, Inc. in 2006.

And it’s why, today, she continues to bank with Lake Forest Bank & Trust, a Wintrust Community Bank.

“I chose Wintrust because it is a locally based bank that has always been responsive to our needs,” Soledad said. “When I started my [interior design] business, it was important for me to find a bank with strong roots in the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff communities that would always treat us with kindness and respect, and Wintrust has been that bank since day one.”

Soledad has been in business for more than 10 years, first in her native Argentina and then in the U.S. Since 2008, she’s been in Lake Bluff, which Soledad chose because she felt it was a place where businesses and people genuinely support each other.

“Lake Bluff is a special community that prides itself on supporting local businesses,” Soledad said. “And Wintrust has always understood this and worked to support businesses like mine.”

Soledad brings a unique perspective on interior design that appeals to many in the area. She enjoys helping clients create living spaces they can be proud of, and said nothing is more satisfying to her than hearing a client say “Wow” when they enter a newly decorated space.

Of course, achieving that result is based on more than sketching a basic design. It involves truly getting to know clients, which is something Soledad said distinguishes her company from others.

“We always try to strive to build strong relationships with our clients that go beyond the technical aspects of design, as we have found that really getting to know our clients helps us put together spaces that are perfect for them,” she said. “We also work hard to be responsive to the needs of our clients after the project has concluded, as livable spaces might experience some wear from day-to-day use.”

Soledad said the type of service she provides to her clients is the same she receives at Lake Forest Bank & Trust.

“The personal aspect of Wintrust has always been second to none,” she said. “We are constantly in contact with [Vice President, Lending] Lisa Meggs and the wonderful team at our local branch, and they have never failed to respond to our needs as a business.”

Soledad Zitzwitz Interiors has continued to grow, and Soledad said her next goals include adding more office and display space. The rise of her business is even more impressive considering she moved to the U.S. without knowing English or having a firm grasp of the country’s business practices.

Still, she persevered and has continued to experience success. And her hope is that others like her—with help from Wintrust Community Banks—can follow their dreams and accomplish their goals.

“In Chicagoland, I know there are many aspiring and current Hispanic business owners who would benefit greatly from having a responsive bank serving the community,” Soledad said. “I know many Hispanic communities in our area have no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit, and banks like Wintrust can help turn this spirit into a thriving business environment.”

If you’re a business owner looking for a bank that knows this area and understands what it takes to grow a business here, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to learn more about our business solutions, or find a Wintrust Community Bank near you.