Ok, so you’ve made the decision to outsource your cash and payment management duties to an appropriate expert and need to find the right provider. First and foremost, kudos on making one of the most beneficial business decisions you’ll ever make as, at the risk of sounding a little all-encompassing, outsourcing treasury duties IS the way to go…period. No business of any size has ever got to where it wants to be by devoting huge resources to number-crunching, therefore it stands to reason than those unloading such duties on a professional provider are guaranteed to further more important effort.

So, back with the outsourcing process itself, the first thing you’ll find when carrying out even a single online search is that there are thousands of providers out there all gunning for your business and all willing to tell you exactly what you want to hear. As such, the trick is knowing how to cut through the crap and find those that actually deliver what you’re looking for, rather than fob you off with empty promises and ultimately see you no better off for the endeavor.

Consider the following as essential tick-boxes when sourcing a treasury management partner:


Numbers might be numbers, but businesses areas are so inherently different that you need an accounts partner with experience in your sector. Think of it by way of the “Jack of all trades, master of none” analogy, whereby if you opt for a cash management service that claims to know every business sector best of all, chances are they aren’t actually a specialist in any. If unsure, ask a few questions about how their experience and background measures up with your own.

Services Offered

Here however is where you are very much looking for comprehensive coverage, as regardless of what you need and don’t need today, you need to be sure that what you might need in the future is already covered. For example, finding out that the provider offers vastly substandard SEPA services once they become essential is more than just an inconvenience to say the least and could set you back as square one looking for another provider. In short, they must offer it all and boundless flexibility.


If a cash and payment management service is 100% confident in its abilities to bring about considerable savings and a reduced workload, though should have no hesitation in putting their money where their mouth is. As such, always be on the lookout not for what they say they may do for the benefit of the business, but what they comprehensively guaranteed that can and will do. After all, if they aren’t going to bring you guaranteed positives, why bother?


Last but not least, all the boasting and show-boating in the world cannot make up for the word of the humble client and consumer…period. As such, regardless of whether looking into a temporary partnership with a book keeper or a long-term multinational SEPA payments contract, never fail to take into account the reviews and write-ups of those that have already tried and tested the services before – there is no better vetting tool on the planet.


This article was written by Sirangi Kalpana from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.