For any type of small business, a big part of your success plan for 2019 is going to be your digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have an effective plan for digital marketing, you may miss out on a large number of profit and customer opportunities. The digital marketing arena is constantly in motion, so you need to update your ideas and knowledge about how these strategies will work for 2019. Here are the best marketing tips your business should follow for your new digital marketing plan in 2019.

  1. Focus on Your Target Audience  

First, you need to start with one of the basic premises of marketing, your target audience. Before investing any time and money into a new marketing campaign, think about your target customer and design a plan to get these people to come to your business. Look at your company’s history of success and start with a target demographic that you already have some success with. Then, expand into further territories.

  1. Use Data

The next essential piece of digital marketing for 2019 is data. Team up with a data scientist or specialized firm to further define your target audience. Investing in data research can help you find even more opportunities to market yourself to the largest number of people possible. Data can also help you learn more about attitudes and the public’s perception of your products and services.

  1. Build a Message

The third piece of a great digital marketing strategy is a solid and consistent message. Think about what you want the audience to know about your company. Then, work with your marketing team to develop that message. You can focus on showcasing your business’ products or services by highlighting benefits and features. You can also go in a different direction and simply build a brand identity.

  1. Find the Right Channel

Once you’ve gotten your message perfected, you then need to figure out the proper channel to use to reach the most people in your target audience. With digital marketing, you have a large number of options. Start with some popular social media avenues, such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Then, think beyond the most common channels and use other more niche social media spots for even better targeting.

  1. Use a Variety of Media Methods

Another tool in your arsenal of top marketing strategies is variety. Develop a strong brand story and use a variety of media methods to broadcast your message. Digital marketing can employ media types such as photos, illustrations, infographics, video, text, and much more. Check out Mark Crumpacker’s Twitter for inspiration. Crumpacker was the genius behind some of Chipotle’s most memorable media messages.

  1. Create Engaging Content

It’s also vital to make sure your content is engaging to your audience. You can try using some different strategies to make it more interesting. Focus on creating marketing content that is shareable and potentially viral. It’s got to be unique, interesting, and brief for today’s easily-distracted audience.

  1. Experiment With AI

The last tip to help you with your digital marketing goals is to think about trying out artificial intelligence in your campaign or AI. AI allows you to take away some of the human interaction normally required in the most engaging of content. It’s a great tool to give your audience of customers some interaction with your company. It can personalize your audience’s experience with your brand without costing your entire digital marketing budget.

If you want to be a bigger player in your industry this year and increase your profits and business, focus on improving your digital marketing strategy for 2019. Create a cohesive story about your brand and broadcast it in a variety of ways to the right people for best results.


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