Nothing gets past you. You’re familiar with fraud schemes, and you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect yourself. But, scammers get more and more clever. It’s important to stay on top of the most recent scams so you can protect your business from fraud and know how your company could be targeted. Understanding these threats can save you, your employees and customers from becoming victims of fraud. Here are three easy ways for you to be proactive and help keep your business safe.

When in doubt, don’t click!

To get your personal information, hackers may attempt to contact you through email impersonating a friend, client, colleague or company. If the situation seems unusual, avoid the bait. Ignore the emails or double check if the messages are legitimate. To avoid downloading malware or spyware, never click a link unless it’s confirmed to be safe. It’s better to check if a message is legitimate than to find out it’s a scam when it’s too late.

Check your checks.

If you receive a check or wire transfer from an unknown third party, do not respond. Fraudulent deposits, inbound wires and checks are attempts to scam individuals and companies. More than likely, the sender will ask for money back and the initial check or wire is rescinded by the issuing bank, but only after the scammer receives your payment. So, even if you receive a check from a legitimate third party, it’s always a good idea to confirm.

There’s something fishy going on…

If you notice that a check appears to be altered, this is a red flag. If the amounts don’t match up or the name looks edited, this may indicate a fraudulent scheme. If your account information is stolen, this can lead to scammers creating counterfeit checks on your behalf. Protect your business by securing passwords, documents and checks. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Don’t fear; you have the power to improve! There are many opportunities for fraud to impact your business, but there are also many solutions and strategies that can alert you of scams and mitigate the potential damage. Monitoring the financial health of your company will help you stay on track for a successful and secure future.

At Wintrust, we understand the importance of fraud prevention. That’s why we offer several services geared to protect your business from cybercrime.