Everyone has a different idea of the ‘perfect’ working environment. Some prefer quiet, some like music. Some like a cold temperature, whilst others prefer a warmer room.

When you work from home, there are even more distractions than normal that stop you from getting your work done. Whether this be the children, the television, or just the food for your lunch you’ve been thinking of all morning, there are definite benefits to working in an office.

So how can you make your home workspace a nicer place to work in that will also make you more productive?

No Distractions

If anything is going to stop you from being productive, it’s distractions. This might be the TV, the radio, or even Facebook. Social media can be a tough one to avoid when you’re doing work on a computer.

It’s important to give yourself set breaks when you allow yourself to have a look on Twitter or Instagram, or to grab a snack and sit in front of the TV for a bit. Being too strict on yourself can mean you spend more time doing these things. So, give yourself a set time limit that you’ll stick to.

Get Organised

The key to productivity is organization. It’s best to keep your desk tidy by having lots of storage available and keeping documents in folders. 

This means you’ll be able to find any document within a couple of minutes, instead of rooting around for 30 minutes, checking under coffee mugs or in the dog’s bed.

Organised folders and books also create a lovely aesthetic and, if laid out properly, can look pretty, e.g. you may want to organize your books by spine color to create a rainbow effect. This brings me to the last point:

Decorate It

Is there anything worse than working in an uninspiring office of white walls, cream carpet and a grey desk with nothing else around?

You may be sat in this room for 6+ hours a day. It needs to be an inviting space. Add lots of plants, and artwork on the walls. Put some shelves up to hold folders and books, and add lots of lamps that can be turned on whenever needed.



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