What gets measured gets managed: 5 tips to support women-owned businesses

Cate Luzio •
What Gets Measured Gets Managed: 5 Tips To Support Women-Owned Businesses

I am a relatively new entrepreneur with Luminary, a female-identifying professional development hub, opening just 18 months ago. Every day I receive queries on everything from raising money and scaling a company, to customer acquisition and creating a business plan. I was able to leverage my more than twenty years of corporate leadership and finance


8 small business tax deductions that you can’t afford not to take advantage of

Peter Daisyme •
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The best way to ensure that you don’t get a bigger bill than necessary come income tax time is to double-check you are getting every deduction possible. There are multiple small business tax deductions available to sole-proprietorships and other small business organizations, such as LLCs. Keep in mind that while the list below contains some