How to control emotional spending

Kayla Sloan •
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Life has a way of dealing some hard hands every now and then. The world has a tendency to leave you feeling stressed, hopeless, or unhappy at some point, no matter if that’s due to your family, job, health, or finances. When these moments arise, people tend to handle them in their own way. For


How to just say no to binge spending

CFP®, Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Marguerita M. Cheng, and CEO •
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A client recently confided in me, expressing concern over her mother’s string of bad luck. Her mom was distraught over learning that her two-day hospital day was denied by her insurance. In addition, she had a bug problem and her landlord forced her to pay half of the cost for an exterminator. While she knew


Top 3 ways to cut back on impulse buying

Arlington Capital Management, Investment Adviser Representative, Justin J. Kumar, and Senior Portfolio Manager •

Marketing, advertising and public relations mavens rely on the impulses of the consumer to lay down hard-earned money as quickly as possible. It is always nice to take the keys to a new car, brag to your friends about the latest set of golf clubs, show off that new dress or bracelet and realize aspirations