Setting up our kids for a successful retirement

Eric Brotman •

When you have a baby, it’s hard to imagine that baby retiring from a 40-year career. But it’ll happen. If you’ve already figured out your retirement plan and have all of your financial ducks in a row, there are ways to start setting up your children for financial independence from the time they’re born that


2018 SIMPLE IRA limits

Dan Caplinger •
The Motley Fool

SIMPLE IRAs are popular among small employers looking to give workers an easy way to save for retirement. Limits on SIMPLE IRA contributions are indexed to inflation, and similar indexing led to a boost for those who use more sophisticated 401(k) plans. However, the inflation adjustment wasn’t enough to lead to a change in the


When not to roll over a 401(k) to an IRA

<i>Kiplinger's Retirement Report</i>, Editor, and Rachel L. Sheedy •

When leaving your job, the conventional wisdom has long been to take your 401(k) money with you by rolling it into an IRA. And 95% of the time that’s the way to go, says Evan Beach, a certified financial planner for Campbell Wealth Management, in Alexandria, Va. But in some cases, taking the conventional route


How a Roth conversion can save you and your heirs thousands

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If you have an individual retirement account (IRA), you probably already know about required minimum distributions (RMDs). For traditional IRAs, including Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) or a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE), you must take your first RMD in the year you turn 70½ or by April 1st of the following year from