How to host a great Friendsgiving celebration on a budget


A hybrid of the words friend and Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving originally signified a makeshift meal between friends who found themselves far from home during Thanksgiving. Today, many treat Friendsgiving as a second, slightly more casual celebration, either the weekend before or after the official holiday. However, hosting a single Thanksgiving can be pricey enough on its


Family holiday traditions that don’t focus on tons of presents

Taylor Pittman •
Huffington Post
Family Holiday Traditions That Don’t Focus On Tons Of Presents

The end-of-year holidays revolve around the spirit of giving, and many parents are shaking up what it means to “give” to their kids.  Earlier this year, actress Mila Kunis echoed many parents’ sentiments about holiday gift-giving. In October, she clarified her comment that she was adopting a new Christmas tradition that involved “no presents for the