Protecting your parents from elder fraud

Richard Eisenberg •
Protecting Your Parents From Elder Fraud

A growing concern for many people in their 50s or 60s: Will my mom or dad become the victim of elder fraud? Sadly, the chances are pretty good. In fact, at least 20% of older adults have been victims of elder financial abuse, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation. Scammers are getting more


Roundtable: Cybersecurity threats for businesses


Cybercrime is projected to cost businesses $2 trillion in 2019, so cybersecurity continues to be top of mind for businesses. With hacking, malware, social engineering, and other breaches on the upswing, Wintrust recently invited dozens of area business leaders to a seminar about cybersecurity threats for businesses. The three presenters were: Tom Wojcinski, director, risk


The future of passwords

Kris Spisak •
cybersecurity, private access with username and password to personal data

There’s an old Popeye cartoon where the famous sailor with massive forearms stands outside a cave that’s blocked by a giant boulder, and he yells, “Open Says-Me.” Open sesame wordplay aside, if only passwords were this simple. Password security is not a new conversation. Protecting yourself in the digital world is the responsibility of everyone.