How much is your relationship costing you? The financial realities of a long distance relationship

Zina Kumok •
Money Under 30
long distance relationship, couple at train station

A few months after graduating from college, I accepted a job offer at a newspaper in a small Indiana town. It paid well enough and promised a wealth of reporting experience, but there was one major drawback–I’d have to move several hours away from my then-boyfriend, now-husband. I accepted the position, dismissing the potential difficulty


Do These 7 Things Before Applying for a Loan

Daniel B. Kline •
The Motley Fool
Paper house on a coin pile, mortgage and loan approved concept

While television commercials can make it seem like getting a mortgage requires just a few clicks of a button, that’s rarely the case in reality. For most people, securing a loan to buy a home takes time, and means intense scrutiny from the institution doing the lending. It’s not an overly pleasant project — getting approved


Women blazing a trail in finance

Editor, Janet Bodnar, and Kiplinger's Personal Finance •

A few summers ago, I accompanied a group of teenage girls on a field trip to a brokerage firm, where they were scheduled to learn about investing. The session covered the usual ground of explaining stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But what made it stand out was that all the sessions were taught by female


Smart moves to prevent identity theft

Lisa Gerstner, Contributing Editor, and Kiplinger's Personal Finance •

Data breaches got you worried? We don’t blame you. Hacking is on the rise. Last year, hacking incidents exposed 160 million records, compared with 3.7 million in 2010, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, which tracks U.S. data breaches. There’s not much you can do to guard your personal data when it’s in the