The post-COVID economy: Changing work and insurance, for better or for worse

Emily Payne •
Luis Alvarez

Prior to the pandemic of COVID-19, there was a steady growth of independent contractors being used in the United States. As people became more and more comfortable hiring independent contractors via apps to get their groceries, drive them to work, handle odd jobs and other tasks, the opportunities for independent contractors kept growing. Even before


Virtual vets are raking in funding—is pet telehealth the next big thing?

Serenity Gibbons •

In human healthcare, telemedicine is booming. Telemedicine stocks like Teladoc and One Medical have doubled this year, and 90% of healthcare executives say their organizations are developing or already have a telehealth application.  Connecting virtually for human healthcare has become the new normal. It should come as no surprise, then, that veterinary telemedicine is surging