How to identify employees that will fit your company culture

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089photoshootings / Pixabay Employee turnover can cost a business in numerous ways, from the logistical costs of recruiting and training a new employee to lost productivity while the new employee is brought up to speed. Vetting potential hires and testing for cultural fit can improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, and one recent survey of


Five Ways To Bring More Diversity Into Your Organization

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5 Ways To Bring More Diversity Into Your Organization

Shutterstock   Is your company as diverse as it could be?    Workplace diversity has rightly become a top priority, with 57% of recruiters saying they have strategies designed to attract a more diverse pool of candidates.   Why Diversity?   It’s been shown that diverse organizations reap tremendous benefits. More diverse companies have more creativity, stronger innovation, and increased market share.  Diverse


Looking to drive out hiring biases? There’s an app for that

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Technology and society are changing so fast that it’s hard to imagine what the world might look like in 10 or 20 years. In the midst of the doom-and-gloom predictions about workplace disruption and jobs lost to automation, there is solid research that predicts AI will actually create more jobs than it eliminates —including some