Why you need a cash cache

Donna Freedman •
The Simple Dollar
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These days you can live a pretty much cash-free life. But it’s smart to have at least some greenbacks on hand for emergencies – a collection of lucre that I call the “cash cache.” To be clear: This is not an emergency fund. It’s money you keep on hand at home, but separate from your


How retirees can use their home’s wealth as an emergency fund

<i>Kiplinger's Retirement Report</i>, Editor, and Rachel L. Sheedy •

With more baby boomers moving into retirement every day, the wealth locked up in their homes seems ripe for the picking. And a relatively new way to put that wealth to work–the standby reverse mortgage strategy–is garnering increasing attention. Some researchers say the strategy can increase the longevity of a retiree’s portfolio by opening the