How to say thank you to essential workers such as cashiers, nurses, mail carriers, bus drivers and janitors

By Nara Schoenberg •
Chicago Tribune
Courier in protective mask delivers parcel to client, client in medical gloves signs on tablet. Delivery service under quarantine, disease outbreak, coronavirus covid-19 pandemic conditions.

Americans are brainstorming with neighbors, posting questions on social media, and Googling for tips and advice. The question at the center of all the hand wringing and head-scratching: How do you thank the essential workers who remain out in the world, exposing themselves to greater risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, so that we can


How your family can volunteer during the pandemic

Angela Hatem on Offspring and shared by Meghan Moravcik Walbert to Lifehacker •
How your family can volunteer during the pandemic

Right now, you and your family are on your own little Gilligan’s Island. It was supposed to be a three-hour tour, but thanks to COVID-19, you and your crew will be stranded for at least a few more weeks. Just like the merry castaways, you are probably feeling pretty isolated and disconnected from the rest


How to build a nonprofit organization

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The steps towards Building a nonprofit organization will vary depending on your organization’s location. Despite the different steps identified per country there remain many shared steps which we’ll discuss below: Step One – Incorporating as a nonprofit: Identify what type of corporation you want to create and submit the appropriate forms, documents, and information to