Caravans, peace grants and basketball. Finding ways around the pandemic to keep children and others safe in Chicago this summer.

Annie Sweeney and Sophie Sherry •
Chicago Tribune
Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

In the blistering heat of a late afternoon sun, the referee called the teens to center court and whistled the start of the 2020 Kids Off the Block basketball season. The kids in Roseland were eager to finally play. The tipoff Tuesday afternoon was far from certain. Longtime anti-violence advocate Diane Latiker, who founded the


Discussion: The impact of basketball

Father and Daughter Playing Basketball

Basketball has piqued our interest and captured our attention for decades. But, it’s more than just a sport. The world of basketball is full of diversity, progressive ideas, and leadership that inspires change far beyond the court. Last month, Wintrust hosted an enlightening panel discussion about the impact of the sport on our communities led