Are you a great boss or a not-so-great boss?

Don Tinney •

Ever notice how everyone in a workplace knows who the bad boss is—except the bad boss? If you’re supervising others, and you’re frustrated with their performance, it’s possible that the problem isn’t your team. You could be the not-so-great boss. Truthfully, every boss has areas for growth. Most bosses have strong qualities as well as


5 smart ways to boost profits at your lemonade stand – or any small business

Janine Puhak and intern •

When the summer heat spikes, there’s nothing as refreshing as an ice-cold drink. That’s why for generations of ambitious youngsters, running a lemonade stand has served as an introduction to entrepreneurship. As a 5-year-old, I set up shop one summer with my friend John, who lived near a busy park. We served hundreds of cups