Ask these 6 questions before collaborating with another business

Lisa Evans •
Co. Exist
Smiling coworkers in discussion in design studio

Collaborating with another business–especially if you’re the smaller fish–can be great. Leveraging another company’s audience and gaining access to their resources and knowledge might just be what you need to grow. But how do you know if the opportunity will be worthwhile? Executive and leadership coach Greg Githens, author of How to Think Strategically, cautions business


7 ways to be more responsive to your customers

AllBusiness •
Female customer service representative with headset working on computer. Rear view.

It’s no secret that consumers and business customers alike are becoming more impatient and more demanding. Customers expect businesses to respond to them quickly, if not immediately—and it’s putting a lot of pressure on small businesses. Here’s a closer look at what customers expect from businesses, customer responsiveness trends, and how to be more responsive