No business continuity plan for COVID-19? Start here.

Chloe Demrovsky •
Here’s What We Know About Closings, Extensions, Other Tax Relief Due To Coronavirus Concerns

From a safe social distance, I’ve been fielding frantic calls from organizations that don’t have a business continuity plan to help them respond to the spread of the COVID-19 global pandemic. I’ve also gotten calls from those who do, but there is nothing in it for a pandemic scenario, which manifests itself differently from natural


What gets measured gets managed: 5 tips to support women-owned businesses

Cate Luzio •
What Gets Measured Gets Managed: 5 Tips To Support Women-Owned Businesses

I am a relatively new entrepreneur with Luminary, a female-identifying professional development hub, opening just 18 months ago. Every day I receive queries on everything from raising money and scaling a company, to customer acquisition and creating a business plan. I was able to leverage my more than twenty years of corporate leadership and finance


Key person insurance can protect your business

Trevor Law •
Birmingham Post
People in office.

Businesses spend a lot of money insuring buildings, equipment, and vehicles but their most valuable asset, people, tends to be overlooked. What if a key person or business owner either passes away, is accidentally killed, or falls critically ill, how would the business cope? Their death could be catastrophic, threatening the firm’s survival. A solution


Five ways small business owners plan intelligently for retirement

Troy Bender •
Chicago Defender
Businessman looking at computer monitor at workstation in design office

Preparing financially for retirement can be complicated for anyone, but for small business owners, the process often poses even more challenges. Teachers, police officers, firefighters and other government employees generally receive a pension. The corporate world can offer benefit plans or matching contributions. But entrepreneurs can’t automatically rely on any of those features; instead, they