Microbusinesses could be the key to surviving the COVID-19 recession

Co. Create

People’s online microbusinesses and side hustles might be helping their hometowns’ resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study by the web-hosting company GoDaddy suggests. That includes people such as Nashville-based Chef Zach Sass, who was laid off as a result of virus-related restaurant closures. As a stopgap, he started a coronavirus-era business as a


The 5 smartest steps I’ve taken with my money to protect my kids, no matter what happens

Kelly Burch •
Business Insider

When I was a child, my family didn’t have much financial security. Grocery budgets were determined by whether my mom had a busy or slow night at her waitressing job. Sometimes, the utilities were turned off. There wasn’t much in the way of financial education, because my parents just didn’t know much about smart money


4 long-term tech changes we’ll see affect worker productivity thanks to the pandemic

Peter Daisyme •

COVID-19 has already shifted the way the world works, but that shift is unlikely to go anywhere once a vaccine rolls around. The pandemic has caused worker productivity to drop by more than 7%, and that number is sure to grow unless employees and companies alike adopt new on-the-job strategies. The coming months will likely


Emerging from the pandemic: How small businesses can begin to recover

Dennis Jaffe •

As small businesses plan strategies for reopening and recovery, the new business landscape offers little more than painful choices. Being shut down or running minimal operations may turn out to be less stressful than facing the challenges ahead—new rules for safe operation, huge debts, uncertain ability to retain a workforce, working productively with social distancing,


How to lead your team through challenging times

Tony Uphoff •

Every company faces obstacles, but during the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing crises on multiple fronts — from international supply chain disruptions to domestic shelter-in-place rules and an economic downturn. Businesses right now need leaders who can navigate unchartered water with clarity of vision and purpose even when they can’t see the distant shore.   One