Rapid sales: Time to implement a business budgeting system

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If you spend enough time at a company, or if you’ve worked for several companies during your career, you’ll inevitably encounter slow periods, and financial hardship, and even occasionally company reorganization, liquidation, a buyout or simply shutting down operations altogether. There are many reasons why companies fail or temporarily underperform. Among them are bad management


Here’s the budget of a 29-year-old who’s almost done paying over $100,000 of student loans

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Business Insider

In 2013, Jessica Elberfeld got mad. The now 29-year-old had been slowly paying off over $113,000 of public and private student loans since graduating in 2009, at the same slow pace she saw reflected in her peers. Elberfeld had graduated and immediately been hired in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. But to make ends