The Stienstra family is a family divided. It happened in 2004. The Cubs broke Derek Stienstra’s heart for the last time when, despite a strong record, the team missed the playoffs. That year, Derek broke from his family and officially became a Sox fan. His wife and two sons followed suit (although, he hasn’t swayed his daughter).

After living in the Chicago area for 33 years, Derek Stienstra has witnessed many great White Sox games, plenty of which he watched from the ballpark stands. As a former season ticket holder, he has tons of memories from the Cell but remembers the 2005 World Series like it was yesterday. In game two, Paul Konerko hit a grand slam.

Fast-forward a few years and not much has changed. Derek still wears his White Sox swag and makes it to a lot of games. Only now, he brings along members of his own team: his two sons. Both started attending when they were only three months old.

Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, once said he would trade all of his Bulls championships for one more World Series. That statement proved to Derek the commitment the team has to be a winning ball club. Now, he wouldn’t trade his team for the world!