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Small businesses are optimistic about the future, even as they continue navigating COVID-19

Samantha Todd •

As small businesses struggle to survive the economic havoc caused by Covid-19, new research shows that small business owners are optimistic about the future. Some 75% of small business owners agree that if a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic were to happen again, they’d be better prepared to handle it, according to a survey by


Because of the pandemic, there’s no financial peer pressure — which means now is the perfect time to focus on your savings goals

Michelle Jackson •
Business Insider

I will never forget the second week of March 2020 for as long as I live. It’s the week that the city of Denver and the state of Colorado shut down everything because of COVID-19. The ski resorts, casinos, and small businesses were shut down, and we were all sent home, reeling in shock. This


Assessing the state of and options for your business during COVID-19 fallout

C.J. Marwitz •

In these days of “unprecedented times,” during which American businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19, business owners are struggling to determine how to be proactive and arm themselves for the economic threats that are still to come. Following is guidance based on my experience as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney representing businesses and creditors


3 financial steps to take before the next COVID-19 downturn

Megan Gorman •

Americans are exhausted after almost five months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their lives have been turned upside down and this includes their finances as well. Even though this has been a long journey, there is still a long way to go until we return to a more normal world. A recent Bankrate survey found 76% of adults are


Microbusinesses could be the key to surviving the COVID-19 recession

Co. Create

People’s online microbusinesses and side hustles might be helping their hometowns’ resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study by the web-hosting company GoDaddy suggests. That includes people such as Nashville-based Chef Zach Sass, who was laid off as a result of virus-related restaurant closures. As a stopgap, he started a coronavirus-era business as a