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4 ways to improve your estate plan

Jamie Hopkins •
4 Ways To Improve Your Estate Plan

Everyone’s heard the stories of celebrities who died without a proper estate plan in place. It’s been a hot topic in the last few years with Prince and Aretha Franklin serving as unfortunate faces of the phenomenon. But it’s not just freewheeling entertainers. Abraham Lincoln—a lawyer by trade—didn’t have one either, which leads me to


Consumers are tired of dealing with machines. That spells opportunity for small business

Elaine Pofeldt •
Young travel woman in the airport using atm machine

Nothing beats getting stuck in the slow-lane for the self-checkout machine—or in the endless loop of an automated phone system that keeps disconnecting you—to underline how much more convenient interacting with a real person can be.  While automation saves businesses time and money, it also inflicts very real frustrations on everyday people who are forced


How to host a great Friendsgiving celebration on a budget


A hybrid of the words friend and Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving originally signified a makeshift meal between friends who found themselves far from home during Thanksgiving. Today, many treat Friendsgiving as a second, slightly more casual celebration, either the weekend before or after the official holiday. However, hosting a single Thanksgiving can be pricey enough on its


6 tips for building a strong social media community that small businesses can use to drive sales

Jennifer Ortakales •
Business Insider
Woman using smart phone on street

Social media marketing may feel daunting to some small-business owners — there’s a lot of competition in the race to gain followers and translate that into sales. Plus, when you’re just starting out, it may not always be in the budget to hire someone to create content for you.  Mastercard conducted research to learn what