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5 must-read finance books

Investopedia Stock Analysis

Some of the bestselling finance books represent a sampling of old standards mixed with modern classics. Here are a few of our favorites. 1. “The Total Money Makeover” (2007) by Dave RamsayWell-known personal finance expert Dave Ramsay has again achieved bestseller status with his latest book on improving your financial life. Ramsay’s books focus primarily


The post-COVID economy: Changing work and insurance, for better or for worse

Emily Payne •
Luis Alvarez

Prior to the pandemic of COVID-19, there was a steady growth of independent contractors being used in the United States. As people became more and more comfortable hiring independent contractors via apps to get their groceries, drive them to work, handle odd jobs and other tasks, the opportunities for independent contractors kept growing. Even before


Has your unemployment assistance ended or been reduced? Here are 3 ways to manage your money and stay afloat

Malik S. Lee •
Business Insider

The pandemic of 2020 has created nothing but chaos on all fronts. Whether your concerns are focused on how COVID-19 poses an extreme danger to our seniors, unprecedented unemployment rates, the feasibility of students learning full-time online, or what the long-term impacts of government-stimulated growth might look like, there’s no shortage of reasons to feel