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I’m a financial planner, and there are 3 ways my advice to clients has changed during COVID-19

Sharif Muhammad •
Business Insider

As the COVID-19 virus raged through the northeast US in March, I received numerous calls from concerned clients pleading for information and guidance. Questions like, “Should I get out of the market?”, “Which bills should I prioritize?” and “Should I pay the rent/mortgage?”  As we discussed these and other issues, I realized that we were


Caravans, peace grants and basketball. Finding ways around the pandemic to keep children and others safe in Chicago this summer.

Annie Sweeney and Sophie Sherry •
Chicago Tribune
Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune

In the blistering heat of a late afternoon sun, the referee called the teens to center court and whistled the start of the 2020 Kids Off the Block basketball season. The kids in Roseland were eager to finally play. The tipoff Tuesday afternoon was far from certain. Longtime anti-violence advocate Diane Latiker, who founded the


Emerging from the pandemic: How small businesses can begin to recover

Dennis Jaffe •

As small businesses plan strategies for reopening and recovery, the new business landscape offers little more than painful choices. Being shut down or running minimal operations may turn out to be less stressful than facing the challenges ahead—new rules for safe operation, huge debts, uncertain ability to retain a workforce, working productively with social distancing,