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How is launching a startup different from starting a small business?

Abdo Riani •

Walmart was once a small business with a single store. After proving he could build a profitable business for five consecutive years selling products at lower prices, Sam Walton and his team expanded by replicating the business model in different locations in the city, country, and internationally. Facebook was once a startup. After validating the


5 ways to make human connections at virtual conferences

Paul Wilson •

Now that we’re launched into this new digital age, we’re reeling from the bumpy transition between the real and the virtual. We still expect that the way we previously engaged can be replicated with just a few tweaks in the digital world, but those social constructs are being stressed because when digital connections replace human


Digital resilience: Why you should take your small business digital

Rhett Buttle •

There’s a reason why they call it “Main Street.” Small businesses have traditionally depended on foot traffic and a brick-and-mortar presence. But in the Internet age—and especially in the age of COVID-19—businesses that leverage digital tools have a distinct competitive advantage. Unfortunately, only 46% of American small businesses have an online presence. We need to