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Why you’ll never have a better chance to change your business than during COVID-19

Paul Armstrong •
Why You’ll Never Have A Better Chance To Change Your Business Than During COVID-19

COVID-19 is a colossal force. Not just biologically speaking but also from the sweeping changes the virus has caused throughout the business world. Whole companies have pivoted, changed focus, and made unthinkable decisions with an hour’s notice. Businesses are suffering through a huge blow, but is there an opportunity hidden in plain sight? Should you


How to say thank you to essential workers such as cashiers, nurses, mail carriers, bus drivers and janitors

By Nara Schoenberg •
Chicago Tribune
Courier in protective mask delivers parcel to client, client in medical gloves signs on tablet. Delivery service under quarantine, disease outbreak, coronavirus covid-19 pandemic conditions.

Americans are brainstorming with neighbors, posting questions on social media, and Googling for tips and advice. The question at the center of all the hand wringing and head-scratching: How do you thank the essential workers who remain out in the world, exposing themselves to greater risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, so that we can


Expert tips on decluttering your home during the coronavirus pandemic

Lisa Boone and Los Angeles Times •
dpa trends
Expert tips on decluttering your home

In a recent decluttering webinar hosted by professional organizer Fay Wolf, people all over the country signed onto Zoom to get how-to tips on how to effectively clean their house while sequestered at home. “There’s room in your life to do something right now,” said Wolf, author of “New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative


The Mural Building: Girls in the Game

Wintrust Mural Girls in the Game

We’re proud to unveil our new mural in partnership with Girls in the Game, an organization devoted to helping every girl find her voice, discover her strength, and build confidence through sports, health, and leadership programs. This year, Girls in the Game is celebrating 25 years of serving the needs of girls through the four