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31 days to financial independence: Trimming your spending – insurance

Trent Hamm •
The Simple Dollar

We continued looking at the average American family budget, going through each category and examining how one could trim the cost of typical expenses in that category. Here’s the “average American family budget” that we’re looking at: Housing – $10,080Transportation – $9,004 Taxes – $7,432Utilities – $7,068Food – $6,602 Insurance (including things like pensions) –


Top ten financial planning mistakes

Shanna Tingom, Heritage Financial Strategies, AAMS®, and Co-Founder •

My clients often ask what they can do today to avoid financial challenges in the future. They might find themselves with extra income after paying off debt, have a dream to buy a home or need a retirement plan, and they’re not sure where to start. If this sounds like you, keep reading so you


The Mural Building: City Year


Our current mural highlights City Year, an organization that works to combat the external factors and obstacles that interfere with Chicago students reaching their full potential. The organization has identified three warning signs that indicate a student is at risk of dropping out: poor attendance, disruptive behavior and course failure in math and English. City