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An ode to old furniture

Drew Housman •
The Simple Dollar

When I was about 10, my parents bought a brand new glass table for our living room. Even at 10, when my idea of cool was Chicago Bulls wallpaper, I could see that this was a cool table. Plus, my parents let it be known that by our standards, it was expensive. I was told


How to create a unique brand


So, you’ve created a business plan, rented a space and now you’re designing a brand. Most overlook the power of a great brand for advertising. People often associate advertising with radio commercials, TV commercials, billboards, trade show events and people on the streets who pass out flyers. However, your brand does a lot to determine


Positive and negative language in advertising

Melanie Green •

In copywriting, there are often multiple ways to deliver the same message. By highlighting either the positive or negative, marketers can position their products as they want to. Highway billboards offer great examples of positive and negative language can strongly influence how successful an advertisement is. When to use positive language Businesses should try to


Stay the course with your investment strategy

RFC, Founder, Roger Ford, Conservative Financial Solutions, CEO, and Investment Adviser •

In my 30 years of experience as a financial adviser, I’ve often been asked about the stock market, particularly about timing. More specifically, I frequently hear, “What is the best time to buy, and when can I get a good price?” Many appear shocked when I tell them, for the long-term investor, it’s not about