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Discussion: The impact of basketball

Father and Daughter Playing Basketball

Basketball has piqued our interest and captured our attention for decades. But, it’s more than just a sport. The world of basketball is full of diversity, progressive ideas, and leadership that inspires change far beyond the court. Last month, Wintrust hosted an enlightening panel discussion about the impact of the sport on our communities led


What gets measured gets managed: 5 tips to support women-owned businesses

Cate Luzio •
What Gets Measured Gets Managed: 5 Tips To Support Women-Owned Businesses

I am a relatively new entrepreneur with Luminary, a female-identifying professional development hub, opening just 18 months ago. Every day I receive queries on everything from raising money and scaling a company, to customer acquisition and creating a business plan. I was able to leverage my more than twenty years of corporate leadership and finance


5 corporate social responsibility trends to follow in 2020

Timothy J. McClimon •
Mature man organizing volunteers to clean nature

2019 was a pivotal year in Corporate Social Responsibility as the concepts of corporate responsibility and sustainability received significant media attention, and the trends that I identified last year at this time (better dialogue, more learning, more disaster prevention, greater equity and the growing importance of Generation Z-ers) remained timely and relevant. Still, 2020 promises to