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4 long-term tech changes we’ll see affect worker productivity thanks to the pandemic

Peter Daisyme •

COVID-19 has already shifted the way the world works, but that shift is unlikely to go anywhere once a vaccine rolls around. The pandemic has caused worker productivity to drop by more than 7%, and that number is sure to grow unless employees and companies alike adopt new on-the-job strategies. The coming months will likely


The Mural Building: Chicago Urban League

Wintrust •

Wintrust is proud to partner with the Chicago Urban League for our latest mural. This mural is inspired not only by the current movement calling for justice for Black people across the country, but also the Chicago Urban League’s 104-year history of working to advance racial equity here in our hometown city. We’re honored to


No one is immune to a financial disaster, but everyone can be smart about what comes next

Tanza Loudenback •
Business Insider
Fabio Principe

Money is everywhere. You might earn, spend, and invest money all in the same day without uttering a word about cents or dollars. And yet, too many Americans are quick to forgo a financial plan. Some say they don’t have enough wealth or time for one. If you have goals that require money to achieve