How does Robert Anderson bring it home? By proudly representing Chicago as a competitive judo athlete. Robert is dedicated to his sport: he commutes more than four hours round trip to the city for judo practice. And, although he didn’t qualify to go to Brazil, he’s training hard as an alternate. We’re still proud to call him part of Chicago’s Team! 

Typical training schedule: Robert works out at the gym for two hours four times a week and goes to judo practice five times a week anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. 

Eating habits while training: Robert eats a lot of carbs on his off days and after working out. He drinks about a gallon of water a day, eats protein every morning and eats protein bars and fruit throughout the day. 

Athletic pre-competition ritual: Robert listens to music and dances before each fight. The music gets his mind focused on what he needs to do and the dancing helps loosen up his hips.  

Chicago roots: Robert was born in Chicago and has lived in the area most of his life.

Favorite thing about Chicago: Robert says he loves going downtown and to the beach. He also loves The Taste of Chicago. 

Favorite Chicago food: Robert is a fan of deep dish and Italian beef. 

Plan a day touring Chicago: If Robert could take someone around the city for the day, he’d only need to go to one place: Navy Pier. He says there’s plenty to do and good food!