Our current mural celebrates the strength and support of Susan G. Komen Chicago in the fight against breast cancer. As our city’s chapter of this iconic organization, the nonprofit encompasses all facets of cancer care including scientific research, community support, preventative screenings, and patient-centered healing.

In our mural, we used Susan G. Komen and breast cancer’s signature pink hue, but with a new twist. On each face of the three-sided building, shades of pink are incorporated, but in modern designs, such as through the accent colors of the hexagonal design. This demonstrates not only our nod to Komen’s heritage, but also to the multi-faceted solutions of healthcare and research in finding a cure. With images representing science, healthcare, and wellness, this side of the mural highlights the tireless efforts of Komen researchers, doctors, and care providers.

On the second side of the mural, we included many diverse people to show just how many different generations and ethnicities are affected by breast cancer. We wanted to bring awareness to the wide scope of the population that is diagnosed with this disease and how the services Susan G. Komen offers, such as transportation to appointments, can help make patients’ lives easier. We also honor the strong and resilient community of survivors, advocates, doctors, family, and friends who continue to inspire us with their stories of hope and change.

The last side of our building artwork leaves a strong impact on the viewer. A simple addition problem shows the ultimate goal of breast cancer research and community support: more time for the patient. It’s a powerful message of what matters most, set amidst the Chicago skyline. Our city cares for our people, and this nonprofit wants to give everyone facing breast cancer access to the treatment and care they deserve.     

Susan G. Komen may be most famous for its walks to end cancer, but this evolving organization actually plays a much larger role in the city and the nation’s research efforts. We’re honored to have been able to pay homage to the nonprofit’s efforts as new therapies and cures are being discovered every day. We’re proud to support this fight.