Habitat for Humanity believes every child should have a home, and we do, too. That’s why we’re so proud to support our local Chicago chapter’s vision of seeing our city thrive. As Chicago’s community bank, we’re invested in the continued growth and betterment of our area. And, Habitat for Humanity shares in that belief, too, providing stable and safe homes for deserving families in Chicago. We’re honored to support an organization that truly values the well-being of our community and works hard to help transform the lives of our area’s residents.

The inspiration for this mural comes from the families, and especially the kids, that Habitat for Humanity serves. Often at school, children are asked to draw a picture of their homes, and we believe that every child should have a house to draw and, more importantly, one to go home to after school.

The mural features drawings created by actual students right here in Chicago, ranging from kindergarten to middle school. We chose to feature local artists to humanize and bring Habitat for Humanity’s work to life. The largest drawing on the left side of the mural was created by a child of the most recent Habitat for Humanity family. The home is a beautiful one, not only because of the design, but because of the stability and safety it provides for another Chicago family.

The mural’s design is purposefully bright and cheery, giving nod to the pure joy families experience when they first receive the keys to their new houses. Becoming a home owner celebrates the hard work and sacrifices they’ve made to reach this accomplishment, and we’re honored to work alongside the staff, volunteers, and donors that assist in building new homes for families.

The Habitat for Humanity mission closely aligns with ours: uplifting and bettering the communities in which we work and live. Through our mural, we’re proud to bring awareness to and support for Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity.