Located in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago is home to many local farmers markets. However, many of these markets are only available during the summer months. Green City Market, one of the largest sustainable farmers markets in the area, does things a little differently. They’re open year-round and are committed to the preservation of local, sustainable family farms.

We’re a proud partner of Green City Market because they provide Chicagoans with access to sustainably grown food, while connecting farmers and producers within the community. We’re ecstatic to unveil our new mural in collaboration with this great organization, just in time for summer! It’s just one way to remind residents what the area has to offer, while supporting an organization dedicated to the health of its citizens. 

The mural is inspired by the three pillars of Green City Market’s mission: supporting small family farmers, educating consumers, and increasing access to local, healthy, and sustainable food. The mural uses bright, vibrant colors to convey both the natural beauty of fresh foods and the energy of the community within this space. The imagery shows farmers walking directly from their farms to the market, representing the close connection between local producers and the community fostered by the market. Plus, the Chicago skyline indicates that residents don’t have to travel far outside of the city for fresh, healthy food.

We hope this mural encourages viewers to consider where their food comes from, how it’s grown, and the incredible amount of work farmers and local producers put into providing the best product possible. We also hope you’ll consider attending a Green City Market near you! You can check out the full schedule here. Plus, be sure to stay up to date on the market’s exciting events, like the annual Green Market Chef BBQ. This event is an evening of food and drinks available at the market, as prepared by top Chicago chefs and mixologists. To learn more about the Green Market Chef BBQ, click here.

Enjoy your summer!