Our current mural highlights City Year, an organization that works to combat the external factors and obstacles that interfere with Chicago students reaching their full potential. The organization has identified three warning signs that indicate a student is at risk of dropping out: poor attendance, disruptive behavior and course failure in math and English.

City Year places AmeriCorps members in schools that are most in need to help provide at-risk students with one-on-one support. The organization offers attendance monitoring and engagement, socio-economic support and tutoring for math and English. City Year team members are most recognizable by their red jackets.

The mural artwork is inspired by the idea that, with City Year volunteers’ help, the sky’s the limit for Chicago students. Based on this concept, the mural theme revolves around space. Although Chicago is referenced throughout the artwork, the idea is that with a little support, there are no limits for these kids. The south wall of the building displays the message “Bridging the Gap,” and that’s exactly what City Year strives to do.