Our current mural celebrates a new cultural addition to Chicago and the first of its kind in the nation: the American Writers Museum. A place to learn about the rich history of American authors, the museum highlights all genres, subjects and styles of writing from every region of the U.S.

In our mural, we used bright colors to express the energy of the authors’ words and the diversity of writers with ties to Chicago. We highlighted individuals and the titles of their works, but also blended together each one to convey the unity of our city and country. That’s why you’ll find the artwork displays different styles and fonts, but includes the face and name of each writer. As we show on the mural, there are many layers of overlapping inspiration that create a written piece and paint a picture for the reader.    

We’re proud to support this inaugural institution as it fosters a love of reading, writing and history. From our country’s beginning, the written word has had a powerful impact on shaping our national identity and expressing who we are as Americans. Highlighting influential writers from diverse backgrounds not only educates visitors but also inspires them to be future poets, orators and songwriters. A balance between old and new, the museum’s exhibits are interactive, imaginative and pay homage to writers who have inspired generations. No matter where you come from, in Chicago you’ll be able to experience a writer’s creative process and the stories behind the literary tradition of America.