As the school year begins, we’re proud to highlight Teach For America (TFA) on our mural building. This grassroots nonprofit was founded by a single college student 30 years ago and continues to have an incredible impact on education in our country. Specifically in Chicago and northwest Indiana, TFA is celebrating 20 years of impact with more than 3,000 people completing the TFA program, including more than 1,000 current teachers and hundreds of school leaders.

The mural’s artwork was inspired by the resilience and ingenuity TFA has seen from students, families, and educators every day, especially in the last six months, as they figure out how to make remote learning work during the pandemic. Eye-catching and vibrant, the artwork uses color and movement to celebrate TFA’s incredible community of students and teachers.

Since the nonprofit is committed to developing both students’ academic and social-emotional growth, a variety of subjects and technologies are represented in the mural. These range from arts and athletics, to reading and math, and depict a student’s education as both modern and holistic. The mural’s progression shows the student and teacher’s journey, and it projects happy possibilities achieved through learning.

The takeaway from this design theme illustrates TFA’s core vision: that all students deserve an excellent education, regardless of their background. We hope the viewer is inspired by the diversity of our city and the dynamism of our educators.

Right now, education in America is adapting in real time, and TFA is hard at work re-designing its teacher recruitment, training, and support model to serve these educators in the uncharted world of remote learning. This outstanding organization is working to ensure that, despite the challenges, all children in our communities have access to an excellent education.

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