Rose Salerno remembers a time before people watched Cubs games on TV. She used to listen to the games on the radio with her dad. She also remembers watching when the TV first came out and when the city had to increase transportation to the stadium because the team was getting too popular and there wasn’t enough room in the parking lot. 

Rose is 99 and this year marks her 100th birthday and the 100th anniversary of the Cubs playing at Wrigley Field. For Rose’s 90th birthday, the team honored her with her name up on the scoreboard at the stadium during a game. Although, Rose doesn’t get around as easily as she once did, she shows her team pride these days with a banner that hangs from her walker.

Rose didn’t always identify as a Cubs superfan. She learned to love the team from her husband, who was a huge baseball fan, and has been spreading Cubs joy ever since. At one point in her life, Rose lived in California to be closer to her daughter. There, she created new Cubs fans by regularly watching the games with a group who continues to watch even now that Rose has moved back the Chicago area. Rose wants to see the team go all the way just once and, like so many, she’s hoping this is the year!