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7 winter prep steps from ‘This Old House’ star Tom Silva

Brenda Richardson •
Chicago Tribune
Icicles and Snowstorm

Winter is coming whether you like it not. Before the temperatures drop any further, follow these steps to keep the cold out of your house, and the heat in, while saving money on your energy bill. If you’re an apartment dweller, you might be able to tackle some of the simpler projects without risking your


How to make an open house work for you

Tara Mastroeni •
Young man outside front yard red door of house with snow during blizzard white storm, snowflakes falling letting calico cat outside outdoors to porch

Getty One of the most exciting parts about being a buyer is getting to go to all sorts of open houses. However, when you’re actually thinking about making a purchase, these outings take on a much different flavor than when you’re just visiting one for something to do on a Sunday afternoon. All of a