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Change in FICO formula may ding your score

By Steve Rosen •
Stacked credit cards

A new hurdle awaits many younger consumers who already find it challenging to build a credit history and become good borrowing risks. It’s called FICO Score 10 Suite, an update to the credit scoring algorithms created by Fair Isaac Corp. that are widely used by credit card issuers and other lenders. It is scheduled to


Life insurance premium financing for multi-participant arrangements

Wintrust LIfe - Multi Participant

In today’s tight labor market, finding and retaining key employees is a top concern for many companies. A good benefits package can help with recruiting and encourage your critical executives to stay on board. Offering a 401(k) plan, robust health insurance, employee stock ownership plans, and life insurance options is crucial to creating a competitive


Life insurance premium financing for estate equalization

Wintrust Life - Estate Equalization

Business owners face countless challenges day to day, but planning for the future can be even tougher. For a family-owned business—with some children more involved than others—outlining estate equalization arrangements can be tricky, especially when most of the wealth is tied to the business. This leaves the family with a complicated situation: how can they