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No one is immune to a financial disaster, but everyone can be smart about what comes next

Tanza Loudenback •
Business Insider
Fabio Principe

Money is everywhere. You might earn, spend, and invest money all in the same day without uttering a word about cents or dollars. And yet, too many Americans are quick to forgo a financial plan. Some say they don’t have enough wealth or time for one. If you have goals that require money to achieve


I’m a financial planner, and there are 3 ways my advice to clients has changed during COVID-19

Sharif Muhammad •
Business Insider

As the COVID-19 virus raged through the northeast US in March, I received numerous calls from concerned clients pleading for information and guidance. Questions like, “Should I get out of the market?”, “Which bills should I prioritize?” and “Should I pay the rent/mortgage?”  As we discussed these and other issues, I realized that we were


What is considered a bad credit score?

Rick Miller •
New Pittsburgh Courier
Feodora Chiosea

Your credit score is one of the most important pieces of your overall financial equation. However, it’s certainly not the only piece. Lenders will rely on your credit score. They use it to determine how much risk they would assume by giving you a loan.Your score is just a starting point. Your credit report may