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Protecting your parents from elder fraud

Richard Eisenberg •
Protecting Your Parents From Elder Fraud

A growing concern for many people in their 50s or 60s: Will my mom or dad become the victim of elder fraud? Sadly, the chances are pretty good. In fact, at least 20% of older adults have been victims of elder financial abuse, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation. Scammers are getting more


A wealth manager to millionaires says parents who leave their kids money often miss the most important step

Tanza Loudenback •
Business Insider
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Michael Farrell, a wealth manager to millionaires, believes there’s much more to inheritance than handing over money. Farrell is managing director of a wealth management firm whose typical client is worth at least $10 million. “We tend to work with a lot of first-generation wealth creators. They have a bit of a blue-collar mentality about their