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California authority says state’s new homes must be solar powered

Lydia O'Connor •
Huffington Post
California Authority Says State's New Homes Must Be Solar Powered

Starting in 2020, nearly all new single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings built in California must have solar power, state authorities ruled Wednesday.  The first-of-its-kind decision by the California Energy Commission puts the state on track to meet its ambitious renewable energy targets and reach its goal of turning energy-using homes into energy producers. By


How SurveyMonkey’s new chief people officer engages employees

Phil Albinus •
Employee Benefit News
Happy employee

As the first chief people officer for SurveyMonkey, Becky Cantieri’s recent promotion from her role as senior vice president of human resources shows how seriously the firm is taking employee engagement and retention. Last October, Cantieri was named one of EBN’s Benny Award winners. The HR veteran, who before joining SurveyMonkey in 2011 worked at


Why foundation strategy moves slowly

Kris Putnam-Walkerly •

In grantmaking, it is always important to eliminate unnecessary steps and streamline our grant processes. Streamlining strengthens our foundations, creates more effective strategies and supports efficiencies for our grantees. But just as important as streamlining your foundation is understanding why our processes can become bogged down in the first place. Philanthropy isn’t the only field


Who cares about how nonprofit foundation boards govern themselves? I do, and you should too.

Anne Wallestad •
Huffington Post

This week, the Center for Effective Philanthropy released a new study on the practices of foundation boards — a project on which BoardSource had the opportunity to collaborate. The report is a straightforward report-out on responses from 64 private foundations about the composition and practices of their boards, which might prompt some to ask: So


8 Storytelling Ideas to Engage Volunteers and Donors

Jenny Traster •

Nonprofit survival depends on the hearty engagement of donors and volunteers, but keeping them engaged takes more than a random email blast every six months or so. You need to forge an ongoing, emotional connection that builds trust and strengthens relationships. Many nonprofits are finding much success achieving exactly that by mastering the art of