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4 cash flow challenges facing small business owners

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You should probably have a good handle on your company’s cash flow, but do you ever wonder how your company compares with other small businesses? Intuit QuickBooks recently released a global study, the State of Small Business Cash Flow, which reveals the cash flow challenges experienced by small business owners and self-employed workers around the world. The study


Less than 8% of job seekers want a fully remote work environment

Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead •
Small Business Trends

Remote working has surged in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its growing prevalence, research shows less than 8% of job seekers want to work in a fully remote environment. This was the finding of a survey composed by iHire, a leading career-orientated platform. iHire’s ‘2020 State of Online Recruiting’ report found that just


How to do your own PR for your business

Chonce Maddox •

Once your business is established, doing PR is a must. Most companies hire an agency to do their PR and get them interviews, media mentions, and promote company news. If you have a smaller business or have dedicated your budget to other marketing expenses, it’s understandable why you may not want to spend money on


4 ways to support COVID-weary employees

Dina Gerdeman •
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge
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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rock the workplace with no end in sight, leaving business leaders to struggle with a wide variety of challenges, including keeping staff members happily engaged—and employed. To make sense of the pandemic’s impact on workers—both on their day-to-day roles, as well as their mental well-being—a forthcoming article in American Psychologist