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4 ways to make summer co-parenting less stressful during a pandemic, according to a family law attorney

Amanda Cubit •
Business Insider

Most years, families anxiously await the start of summer each year. When children return to school after spring break, the countdown is on! Parents look forward to less chaotic schedules. Children look forward to playing outside until sundown — and everyone looks forward to their family’s summer vacation.  Now that we’re more than halfway through


How to approach your local marketing activities in the age of COVID-19

Liz Weinsten •

Times of great challenge require new ways of thinking. As we begin to settle into this the next normal, the value of local marketing has become clearer. Faced with several logistical roadblocks brought on by the Coronavirus, businesses across the country have started to hone in on their local communities to benefit the lives of


What is considered a bad credit score?

Rick Miller •
New Pittsburgh Courier
Feodora Chiosea

Your credit score is one of the most important pieces of your overall financial equation. However, it’s certainly not the only piece. Lenders will rely on your credit score. They use it to determine how much risk they would assume by giving you a loan.Your score is just a starting point. Your credit report may


How to lead your team through challenging times

Tony Uphoff •

Every company faces obstacles, but during the COVID-19 pandemic we’re facing crises on multiple fronts — from international supply chain disruptions to domestic shelter-in-place rules and an economic downturn. Businesses right now need leaders who can navigate unchartered water with clarity of vision and purpose even when they can’t see the distant shore.   One