Planning to pass on your family business

Meghan Streit, Contributing Writer, and Kiplinger’s Retirement Report •

Larry Berman spent most of last winter in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., perfecting his golf game and enjoying 85-degree days. Meanwhile, in snowy Newton, Mass., his 30-year-old insurance-adjusting business was growing steadily and was on track to add 50 new customers in 2014. Berman, 68, is in the process of handing over his business to


Customer service is crucial for small businesses during the holidays

David Kiger •

The holiday shopping season brings that odd combination of fun, exciting and stressful times. New small business owners may find the seasonal rush to be an eye-opening experience, one that has significant sales opportunities and potential for growth, but also filled with tricky situations. Keeping the customer in mind throughout these moments is essential for