Best ways to help your grandkids pay for college

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If you’re a grandparent, you’ve probably thought about helping your grandchildren pay for college. The cost of college tuition has risen sharply since the days when your own children went to school, straining family finances and forcing many students to take out loans. One option that’s popular with grandparents is to invest in a 529


A man who explored the world for 2 years on $12,000 gives his best advice for traveling on the cheap

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In 2010, Ron Tipan left his job as a building technician in Chicago to set off on a 12-country, two-year trip through Central and South America and Asia, looking for opportunities to volunteer and help communities in need. He did it all on $12,000. “It took me about ten years to save that much money,”


What 9 hugely successful people would tell their younger selves about money

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We sometimes forget that even the wealthiest, most successful people weren’t always on top of the world. “Every master was once a disaster,” T. Harv Eker writes in his bestseller, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.” “No one comes out of the womb a financial genius. Every rich person learned how to succeed at the money


Money decisions for couples

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You share life and all your love with your spouse or partner, but is one of you detached from money matters? Here’s why and how to find more balance in your financial decision-making. Merging two financial lives and backgrounds can take time, particularly if you married later in life. If you’re like many people, you